Phone Systems

Companies rely on having a solid, reliable communication structure. In the confusing and ever-changing world of telecoms systems, it is important that businesses find a telecoms systems provider that will listen to their needs.

Business Broadband

Townley can provide business-level Broadband Services which are both fast and reliable. Our ADSL Broadband packages have speeds of up to 24Mb. We can provide a pre-configured router to help make the implementation process as hassle-free as possible.


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Disaster Recovery


Telecoms services are business critical. When they go wrong they can bring your business to a halt. Townley specialise in creating telecoms solutions that are inherently resilient but sometimes even then disasters can happen.

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Hosted Telephony


Hosted Telephony is the latest development sweeping across the world of telecoms. It gives you, as an end user, greater control of your own telecoms platforms.

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