From January 1st 2017, Microsoft has announced that British pound prices for on-premise enterprise software will increase by 13% to realign close to euro levels. For enterprise cloud prices, such as Microsoft Office 365, this will increase by 22%.

This is in a bid to harmonise prices for enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/EFTA region.

Townley could save you money! By switching over to Townley for your Office 365 before January 1st, we can lock in the current existing prices until December 2017. So you don’t have to pay the new prices for a whole year. 

But you’ll have to act fast, the end of the year is near approaching. Read more about the benefits of Microsoft Office 365

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The ability to pay Townley for Office 365 on a monthly basis after January 2017 allows for scalability and growth, and could ultimately work out cheaper for your business as opposed to paying Microsoft directly for your subscription. Talk to us to find out more.