Our working environment is undergoing fundamental changes which is leading to greater requirements for connectivity. Technology is changing the way we work, live, communicate and share. Driving this change is the age of empowerment and market innovations. This flexibility in the workplace is significant to Millennials, who have grown up in a digital age and simply expect technology to do what they require to help them achieve their business goals. There have never been more opportunities to achieve connectivity and collaborate with a diverse spectrum of colleagues and customers than there is today.

In response, consumers are demanding access to services anytime, anywhere. Modern businesses need increasing connectivity to enable them to operate from different and multiple locations.

Securely connecting your offices and your people, to their applications and data can be complex and costly. Every organisation is unique and has differing requirements across the changing locations, sites and flexible numbers of employees.

Whether you have multiple locations, different size branches or remote workers, Townley will design a connectivity plan which delivers the infrastructure you need to make your office work. We consult with you to determine each location’s requirement, designing and delivering the infrastructure you need by understanding how your business uses the network, the applications or data your business relies on, how the users communicate and their specific working needs.

Townley can provide a wide range of connectivity options, which include:

Managed VPN Services – which provides a secure method of connecting your sites over SSL, Ethernet, or IP

MPLS – a solution which priorities traffic, ensuring quality is maintained

IP VPN – IP VPN is running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using MPLS technology over IP to deliver a highly secure version of a VPN

Multisite connectivity allows your business to transfer voice, VoIP, data and video between your sites, wherever they are based around the UK.

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