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Our services are suitable for any sized business based in Chester and the North West, so whether you require cyber awareness training to inform and educate your staff on how each employees role affects the overall security of a business, a one off assessment to gauge what areas of your business need to be improved to strengthen defenses, or contracted assessments which include scans, checks and resolutions – we have a service that will suit you.

Cyber risk is now firmly at the top of the international agenda as cyber threats such as ransomware develop at an alarming rate, affecting businesses worldwide. Ransomware has been around for over a decade, but the types of ransomware have increased in number, damage and complexity.

Not only do ransomware attacks ensue direct costs to a business, but indirect costs as a result of loss of clients and damage to company reputation, can cost thousands. The cost of a ransomware attack according to Kaspersky Lab, can cost a business up to £75,000.

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About Pyranet 

Pyranet are part of the Townley Group of companies and are a premium IT support and solutions provider, with expertise in cyber security. The company was founded in 2005 and has enjoyed a strong and steady growth over the last 12 years, which has seen the team expand and progress, whilst always remaining at the forefront of IT industry.

Pyranet is made up of talented, creative and skilled employees including certified cyber essentials practitioners and ethical hackers which enables them to offer a wide range of services and knowledge to their clients.

Cyber Security Chester

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Security Chester – Cyber Essentials Services

Our sister company Pyranet are Cyber Security Specialists and qualified Cyber Essentials Practitioners. Pyranet are able to assist your business with any IT Security issues and can even help your business to obtain Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme which is designed to support businesses of all sizes protect themselves against cyber-attacks. We use independent accreditors and our dedicated in-house engineers are on-hand to guide your business through the process.

With an increase of cyber-attacks on businesses and the average cost to a small business being £75k, the Cyber Essentials certification is a useful accreditation to have.

  • Protect your business by preventing up to 80% of cyber threats
  • Cyber Essentials is compulsory in a number of government contracts
  • Demonstrate that your business has taken the relevant precautions to safeguard customers’ personal data
  • The Cyber Essentials certification could reduce your business insurance premium

Cyber Essentials Plus 

Cyber Essentials Plus is the next step up from the Cyber Essentials certification. It can be achieved after a more complex application of internal and external testing. Accreditation demonstrates that a business has gone the extra mile to ensure they are fully protected against cyber-attacks.

Using in-house engineers and independent accreditors, Pyranet can help your business achieve the highest level of certification in an efficient, straightforward and cost-effective way.

  • Cyber Essentials Plus could considerably decrease your business insurance premium
  • Achieve the highest level of certification
  • Mitigate complex cyber-security threats
  • Reassure your customers with a comprehensive level of infrastructure protection

Additionally, we offer the following Cyber Security services:

  • Vulnerability Assessments and reporting
  • Full Penetration testing and auditing
  • Password strength audit
  • Simulated Phishing tests for businesses
  • IT Forensic work for reporting to authorities
  • Cyber Awareness Training for Employees

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We supply flexible and innovative tailor-made system solutions

Ethical Hacking Services

We offer a number of services including Password Strength Audit and Basic Company Foot Printing.

Cyber Security Chester – Password Strength Audit

Rather than attempt to break in and possibly lock accounts out, causing issues, this test takes a copy of the passwords used throughout the network and attempts to crack them offline. Although this is faster and more likely to succeed than attempting to break in externally, it highlights important issues with user accounts and can have surprising results.

We can also include passwords used for online services, such as company Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After the test advice on creating strong passwords is discussed with the company and any individuals concerned with the results and work with the company to improve their network password policies.

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Basic Company Foot Printing

This foot printing exercise is paid for per-hour, with a set number of hours decided before the test. Once this is done we will set out to discover as much public information available about the company as possible, using multiple tools and methods that hackers use when specifically targeting a company.

The information included in the report is all available publicly so not all of it may be surprising, however, we often uncover information that would be very useful to hackers that the company does not know is available on the web.

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Pyranet are part of the Townley Group of companies and are a premium IT support and solutions provider

Cyber Risk Assessment Services

We offer a number of services, all available as ongoing contracts tailored to suit your needs.

Cyber Security Chester – Remote Vulnerability Scan

  • Remote check of over 47,000 current vulnerabilities including the latest security threats which is updated daily
  • Manual check to ensure that e-mail is protected against spoofing
  • DNS check to ensure that you aren’t revealing too much information publicly
  • Manual check to ensure that your domain provider requires authentication before making significant changes which could affect website or e-mails
  • Social media checks to find employee roles and public posts relating to the company on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Includes basic company foot printing, determining employee roles within the company
  • Report of all vulnerabilities and findings from above tests

Onsite Vulnerability Scan

  • Includes all Remote Vulnerability Scan services
  • Onsite local PC check using auditing tools to check for missing updates, anti-virus, firewalls, etc.
  • Wireless security audit to ensure that all wireless networks provided by the business are up to the latest security standards
  • On site audit to see if the building and servers have relevant physical security and access control measures
  • Outbound firewall checks to reduce the risk of malware spreading by email

Full ethical hacking tests

  • Includes all Remote and Onsite Vulnerability Scan services
  • Full penetration test of all publicly available services within scope, including but not limited to servers, boundary routers, employees (phishing, social engineering, etc.)
  • Simulated attacks on individual parts of the business, whether physical, virtual or through targeted attacks on employees to attempt to gain unauthorised access, determined by scope
  • Full profile of the business from an attacker’s perspective included with the report detailing every attempted and successful / failed exploit
  • Time spent working with the client and/or their IT provider after the penetration test to fix holes found and inform employees of weak spots that need work

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Our sister company Pyranet are Cyber Security Specialists and qualified Cyber Essentials Practitioners

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Chester – Remote Vulnerability Scan

Many people may hear of cyber security and push the issue aside, as they may have never been on the receiving end of a malicious attack before, nor experienced a data breach. “It’ll never happen to me”. Unfortunately, any business is a prime target to opportunistic hackers.

Thinking that it’ll never happen to you is a dangerous assumption to make. Thinking that Anti Virus makes you exempt to security hacks is also a bad view to have towards cyber security. Anti Virus is only part of what procedures and equipment should be in place if you really want a strong line of defense for your business.

Our sister company, Pyranet specialises in cyber security (as well as being computer whizzes!) and spend a lot of time with businesses, teaching them how they can best protect themselves.

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MailGuard is a highly effective and intelligent solution for email gateway protection

Mail Filtering Services: MailGuard

Cyber Security Chester – Mail Filtering Services

Did you know that opening attachments or links in spam emails is the most common way of getting infected with a virus or ransomware? Most of us like to think we’re good enough at spotting a fake from the real deal when it comes to spam email, but scammers are getting much better at making their emails seem genuine, and this is where a mail filtering service comes in.

MailGuard is a highly effective and intelligent solution for email gateway protection and offers an array of benefits.

Our sister company Pyranet offers MailGuard. Please click here to further details of the various packages on offer.

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