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We offer a wide choice of high bandwidth, permanently connected, point-to-point Ethernet services designed to help you extend your own networks and deliver a range of high quality services to your customers.

Leased Lines

Leased lines offer businesses dedicated, uncontended connectivity either as direct internet access or as a Point-to-Point (P2P) service to connect multiple sites together in a private Wide Area Network (WAN). Bandwidth is guaranteed with options ranging from 10Mb to 1GB and they are fully backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) targeted on 100% uptime, so it is very unlikely there will ever be a problem. So, if your business relies on an Internet or inter-site connection, a Townley Leased Line offers you the very best solution.

  • Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth
  • Scalable bandwidth for your growing business
  • A superior care level comes included with a 5-hour fix time, 24/7 for total loss of service faults
  • Bandwidths from 10Mb to 1GB

In addition, Townley also provides comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to provide businesses with that little bit of added protection. For example, some clients choose to have a simple Townley broadband connection in place as a failover, which means that in the unlikely event that there is an interruption to the core Leased Line provision, the broadband would take over to ensure your business always remains connected.

Leased Line Ethernet

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With Ethernet Point-to-Point, Townley can bring your offices together, linking sites into a single, ultra-fast, secure and flexible network. Point-to-Point ensures all your networks operate as one, meaning increased collaboration and productivity across your sites.

Point-to-Point gives businesses the ability to run voice, data and video between sites, making sharing business-critical information easy. You get the same speeds upstream and downstream – and there are no limits on how much of your bandwidth you can use.

P2P Ethernet

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Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is an efficient way of linking business sites to create a WAN (Wide Area Network). MPLS is a popular choice due to its cost effectiveness and its manageability. Unlike a traditional WAN which connects via a number of individually managed Point-to-Point circuits, MPLS connects directly into the core network so the entire setup can be controlled centrally. Scalability is also easy to achieve as new sites can be easily added without having to re-configure the whole WAN.

MPLS is used to keep multi-sited businesses connected and operable at all times across all their systems. It utilises broadband technology to connect offices through the cloud, which is a private internet. It is secure and private, and as such, is backed by some very comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Connecting centrally through the cloud allows for flexible management of the network as opposed to traditional VPNS, which links each site independently through on-site hardware such as routers and switches. This type of solution can be more expensive and time consuming to adapt to the changing requirements of your business, such as adding a new location.

With MPLS, sites can be added at any stage, allowing your network to grow with your business. Starting with a basic broadband, up to gigabit connectivity, circuits can also be upgraded as your business requires them. MPLS also improves uptime as it reduces the amount of manual intervention required to create a WAN, also reducing the chance of human error which can bring down your network.

MPLS allows you to build a WAN without using point to point connections and using a combination of connectivity including:

  • Leased Lines 10Mb to 1GB
  • FTTC
  • EFM
  • ADSL broadband

Benefits of choosing MPLS are numerous:

  • Dedicated, secure, uncontended bandwidth direct in to the cloud
  • Internet break out managed centrally
  • Backed by industry leading SLAs
  • Easily scalable to your changing requirements
  • Immense long-term cost and time savings
  • A dedicated Townley engineer to design the perfect network solution for your business now and tomorrow

With offices based all over the UK, a member of the Townley team is never far away


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a dedicated leased line facility, providing uncontended speeds of up to 20Mb/s, either for direct internet access or as part of an MPLS private networking solution. The service is known as Ethernet First Mile because the first mile of cabling behind the exchange is fibre, while the rest of the data journey takes place over copper.

EFM is a cost-effective way to advance to a high-capacity connection without committing to full fibre Ethernet. You can boost your business connectivity with high speeds and the advantage of in-built resilience.

Ethernet First Mile

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