As a business owner or manager, you’re always striving to give your customers and clients the best experience possible. Managed Wi-Fi solutions are essential to keep your business running smoothly.

Almost every company relies on their connectivity to run their business effectively and deliver the levels of customer service that people now expect. Downtime is no longer acceptable and anything less than an immediate resolution is not just frustrating, but can impact on your customer service levels.

Many customers chose businesses based on which ones offer free Wi-Fi. Those that offer fast, free Wi-Fi have a clear advantage over those that don’t. The reality is, customers have come to expect free Wi-Fi in most experiences in their daily lives. Free Wi-Fi will make your customers’ lives easier and improve their perception of your business.

In years gone by, when a business needed to increase the speed and capacity of their internet access, they were looking at a large investment.

How Managed Wi-Fi can help your business

Business grade Wi-Fi has never been more affordable and effective. Businesses can now expect faster and more reliable connectivity. Small business no longer need to rely on residential broadband offerings. Business grade broadband gives peace-of-mind as it is coupled with a level of commitment from suppliers to resolve outages and issues as a priority over residential services which is invaluable to any business.

Choosing Townley for your Wi-Fi solution cuts out the hassle; you’ll be allocated a dedicated Account Manager from day one, from your site survey which is followed by a detailed report, through to providing post-installation advice. You’ll also have access to the Townley customer service team, on hand to ensure that you and your visitors stay connected.

Talk to Townley on 0370 777 7970 or email or visit our website.