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Moving to the Cloud means that instead of investing vast amounts of your IT budget on in-house infrastructure, all your solutions are hosted off-site in the Cloud.

Moving to the Cloud – Cloud Solutions Chester

Moving to the cloud means that instead of investing vast amounts of your IT budget on in-house infrastructure all your solutions are hosted off-site in the cloud.

All data is still very safe and secure and you benefit from the investment in protection these large data centres have been able to install – added protections that your company might not be able to afford. Plus, should a disaster occur, information can be accessed quickly and restored so that your business continues to run smoothly.An increasing number of companies of all sizes are moving to the cloud as, quite simply, it can revolutionise the way employees work.Moving your IT infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud means your business could be taking advantage of the following benefits:

Reduced upfront costs

You will be able to significantly reduce your capital expenditure on additional staff, hardware, software and licensing fees. You access the equipment and software you need and replace large single investments with one regular monthly fee that is tailored exactly to your current requirements.

Work using latest technology and software

Once you move to the cloud you will always be operating on the very latest equipment and software. When a software update is due it is done in the cloud, without you having to allocate valuable working time to run updates.

Flexible and remote access

Everyone can work anywhere and share and collaborate with colleagues at the same time on the same documents. Staff can work more efficiently and productivity is improved.


A portable work environment means that you can be more responsive and give your business a competitive edge.

Disaster Recovery

Should a disaster occur, research has shown that a cloud based or off-site IT infrastructure means your IT functionality will be restored much faster than traditional file based in-house back-up support.

Good for your carbon footprint

Not having hardware using up valuable energy resources or staff travelling needlessly means a reduction in your energy use.

If you would like to discuss moving your IT infrastructure to a cloud-based solution please contact us.

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