Office 365 is a cost effective cloud office.  

We live in a digital age and one of the biggest shifts is the composition of the workforce, which is more diverse than ever. This diversity is being supported by significant technological advancement which has led to a more collaborative and flexible working environment.

The millennial generation expect entrepreneurial environments with more flexibility, freedom and with the ability to work anytime and anywhere.

This leads to a strong service culture with constant improvements to customer experience giving businesses a sustainable competitive advantage.

It’s essential that your business has the right tools to deliver the expected service or you are in danger of being overtaken by your competitors.

Office 365 provides the tool to deliver excellent customer service

Mobile Office

Because it’s entirely cloud-based, you can access Office 365 from anywhere with an internet connection or use the data connection (3G/4G) on your mobile device as a personal hotspot.

If your internet connection or server fails, your emails will still be delivered and received on other devices with a data connection (mobile phones, tablets etc.). This leads to almost 100% uptime because the email and Office programmes are hosted in Microsoft’s data centre.

Having easy access is helpful for companies with multiple locations, remote workers and for employees who travel often.

Collaborate easily

Your team stays connected with the collaboration features of Office 365. All colleagues who need to work on a document (or spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation), can work on the same version in real-time rather than having documents going back and forth, which then have to be combined.

Fully scalable

Office 365 is very scalable: you can increase or decrease the number of licenses as and when your requirements change – you only pay for what you need! It’s simple to manage/audit licenses via the Office 365 portal, making it very easy to stay compliant.

Always have the latest version of the software

Because Microsoft control Office 365 updates, you are guaranteed access to the latest version at no additional charge. You won’t have to install the Office programme updates on every user’s machine.

Flexible pricing plans

We offer several plans with different programs and features for Office 365. Even if you already have Office 365, we can review your options and make recommendations as not everyone in your company is going to need the same features.

In addition to the plans, you can also bolt on further subscriptions for other products/services, such as Visio or Project.

We’re delighted to offer a discount available for academic and not-for-profit organisations.

For a seamless experience when accessing documents remotely, click here for further details.

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