At the end of the day, we set the burglar alarm, lock the doors, and think the office is safe. But look around your office. How many devices are internet connected? Your laptops, mobile phones, maybe your desk phones…And every one of them is vulnerable to attack. Cyber security is frequently in the news.

Hackers are employing clever methods, particularly installing malicious software to steal sensitive information. They think nothing of convincing an employee during a phone call, that they are from a large computer organisation and they’ve been asked by the ‘boss’ to help the employee with their IT needs. They quickly gain the trust, followed by access to the employee’s computer system.

There have been a recent series of brazen cyber security attacks on high-profile targets which shows there is a willingness to use disruptive and destructive measures to seriously impede or embarrass organisations and governments.

But the average time taken to notice a cyber security breach is 205 days – imagine how much damage can be done in that time to your network via a laptop or mobile.

It’s the sort of thing lots of us would rather not think about, however, it is a real and present threat to any business and should be high on any business owners’ agenda.

It is important that you don’t just think about your physical office. Workforces are increasingly mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is quickly spreading as the new standard. As the mobile access landscape changes and organisations continue to lose more and more control over how and where information is used, there is also a seismic shift taking place in the underlying mobile security models.

So here’s our Cyber Security solution:

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