Malware, hackers, and cyber thieves are becoming more sophisticated. Managing this necessary security control can be extremely complex and costly and Townley is here to help.

A managed firewall’s objective is to prevent rogue or unauthorised access by hackers, which often results in costly business interruptions. Townley will create a firewall architecture that gives you the very best protection.

Security is fast becoming the talking point on business agendas. By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 30 billion IP connected devices, all potentially vulnerable to hacks. Protecting your business will become an even bigger challenge as M2M is adopted on a wider scale. Here are some points to consider:

  • 205 days is the average length of time taken by an organisation to detect a security breach. Think of the damage that can be done during this period of vulnerability
  • Increasing your IT security usually means an increase in cost. Think about the level of risk that is proportionate to your company’s business activity. For example, if online transactions are an important part of your business or if you hold customer details, higher levels of security should be adopted
  • Human error contributes to high levels of security breaches. Ensure your staff change their passwords regularly and don’t share them
  • If your company was hacked, do you have a process to limit damage and restore BAU? Ensure you have professional support set-up and that your team has a clear escalation path in the case of an emergency

Townley’s relationship with leading security vendors means you get access to the latest technology at very competitive prices and we can tailor our support to what you need.

Our security experts can manage your firewalls round the clock and provide you with reports on your system’s health and attack history.


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