You were meant to go into the office today, but something cropped up and you haven’t been able to make it. You were expecting an important call from a prospective customer to your office telephone number, but now it is imminent that you will miss the call and with it, lose out on the customer, too.

In times where we are more connected than ever, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to work just as efficiently and resourcefully when you are away from the office as when you are in the office.

At Townley, we dedicate ourselves to sourcing the best telephony systems for our clients. We understand the importance of being able to connect to your employees and your customers at any time – after all, being able to communicate effectively with those paying for your services is a fundamental necessity for any business.

How Townley Can Help with One Net:

We have been recommending Vodafone One Net to customers that want to be at the forefront of connectivity for some time now. We work closely with Vodafone, and we recommend One Net because it is the only telecoms solution for businesses that fully integrates fixed, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity through their core network. In other words, you’ll always be there when you are needed.

The service is easy to set up and manage – you can add users as you go along and set up new locations, too.

Why we recommend Vodafone One Net:

  • One Number – Your customers only need one number so there’s no need for separate landline and mobile numbers.
  • Updates – you don’t have to worry about your technology falling behind because with Vodafone’s One Net you will always have the latest update installed.
  • Someone there– You can monitor the availability of colleagues to make sure there is always someone ready to answer. It is simple to quickly switch all calls to mobiles or other business sites to avoid disruption
  • Disaster recovery – This service is great for your disaster recovery plan, allowing you to fail proof your office. If employees cannot make it into the office, then ringing the same number as usual, will just redirect the call to a mobile phone, so employees can still deal with customers, no matter what happens.

To find out more about One Net and how it could benefit your business then talk to us. You can visit our website or call us 0370 777 7970 or email